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Quick don't slip on it, but it's a Banana!!! We are a group of like minded people who LOVE to garden. We are a group of volunteers, that (most of us) live in the Pacific North West in environments that are often times referred to as a "Banana Belt" which is defined at wikipedia.com as:

"Banana belt" is an informal geographic term used to describe a segment of a larger geographic region which enjoys warmer weather conditions than the region as a whole, especially in the wintertime. The term is broad enough that it can be used to describe everything from the entire Antarctic Peninsula, [1] to the southern part of American midwest states,[2] to microclimate areas of mountain ranges [[3]

Banana belts of the latter type may form on the lee sides of mountain slopes due to orographic lift. When air rises over the top of a mountain range, it cools and releases moisture on the windward slope. As the air is pulled down the other side, it is compressed and heated via adiabatic heating, and it warms and dries territory in the mountain's rain shadow.

Examples: "Rapid City is located in the banana belt of the Black Hills." and "Whitehorse is located in the banana belt of Yukon Territory."   

Because we love to garden, and love to use products from our garden there is a lot of subjects here that will be fair game.  These subjects will include cooking and recipes, crafting using products from our gardens, and each individual category that gardening can encompass.  We will talk about our pets, our water gardens, how we compost, how this flower grew, and how we did with that veggie.  We will keep it family orientated, and we will have FUN!

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