Legal Schmegal Stuff

Legally speaking we here at just want you, otherwise known as "the user" to know that if you use a method of fertilizing your garden and you are poisoned by it, that we are not liable in any way, shape, or form.

You are bound by the laws of logic and common sense to use your God Given brain cells (or even your greatly evolved brain cells) to remember to use methods discussed herein with caution AND moderation! 

We want this website to be fun for everyone. When we say everyone that includes the volunteers that make this site available and keep it maintained for you, "the user".   

So, if you have a problem with the website then contact us.  If we can fix the problem, we will. But, if you are contacting us because your dog ate a poisonous flower then we suggest you call the vet ASAP. We will be happy to mourn with you over the vet bill, but remember at least your dog is alive! We hope! Oh my!

Although, we can not call ourselves a legal non profit, and donations are NOT tax deductible, this project is no money maker.  This project so far is being funded by one person who loves to garden.  The group on the whole hopes to have the blessing and the support of local garden clubs, advertising, and individuals who will help to maintain this site.  We thank you for reading this blah 'de blah stuff and making it this far down the page!  You are indeed, an honorable person! 

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