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Author Topic: Ripening tomatoes indoors  (Read 346 times)

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Ripening tomatoes indoors
« on: November 28, 2010, 02:04:08 AM »

Even though our June weather lasted clear into mid November, I wasn't about to trust it, so I picked all my cherry tomatoes a month ago, so they wouldn't split when the rains started. Most of them were still green, but I put them in a box & kept it in the garage so they could finish ripening.
We've been enjoying home-grown tomatoes all month & they also played a part in our Thanksgiving feast... & we'll probably get to the last of them in time for Christmas dinner. :biggrin:

I learned to do this in NW Montana, when we always had to harvest our gardens before the early September frosts & the tomatoes were still several weeks away from being ready. :eek:

 :teacher: Grandmas was wrong about sunny window sills making tomatoes get ripe! They ripen from their own gasses.  Putting green tomatoes in a closed box or a paper bag will do the trick.  For faster ripening, store them indoors in a cool place (just below room temperature) such as a closet, & check them every few days.
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