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Author Topic: Awesome Landscaping at Oregon's State Capitol  (Read 529 times)

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Awesome Landscaping at Oregon's State Capitol
« on: August 28, 2009, 04:06:38 PM »

The grounds at the our State Capitol (Salem, Oregon) are absolutely breathtaking.  (That's probably true in every state, but this is the only one I've ever bothered to pay attention to!)  While walking around the grounds, which covers 3 city blocks, one would swear that each blade of grass has it's own gardener. (No wonder our taxes are so high here!)  Everything looks perfect; not one weed anywhere & no twigs or plant debris laying around, it looks as if Jesus was expected to arrive for a tour at any minute!
Other than the shots that our 10 year old granddaughter wanted for a class report, the pics I took were intended to be of the kids, but they also captured the beauty of the grounds.  I can't begin to name all the flowers, shrubs & trees, but you can see how amazing everything is:
Kayla poses by the Boxwood hedges & bulb gardens at the front edge of the grounds, for the first pic of the class presentation she's planning. 
Several fountain structures can be found throughout the grounds.

This one wasn't on when we were there, but there were people playing in the pool... in spite of the signs that say it's not for recreational use.   
Zachary thought it was a perfect place to chase squirrels, & he tried to figure out how to climb up after them!
The hedges & garden beds lining the walkways are perfect.  (Although peanuts for the squirrels are sold in the gift shop, I can't figure out how they keep the squirrels from digging up the plants!)

Zack looks like a little dwarf here, but even big people can appear small next to some of the huge monuments.  (Notice how well groomed all the plant life is.)     

Closer to the main building, there are more flower beds & a series of  geyser fountains, where kids are welcome to play on hot days.

Our little guy seemed even tinier, standing on the capitol's front stairs! (I thinik I'd like to take a pic of him in that same spot, every year!)

Talk about awesome landscaping! This is the view of "Capitol Mall", in front of the main building, from the observation tower atop the capitol building.  (We took the whole tour, to get pics & info for Kayla's report.)  The Mall is flanked with Cherry trees, which I'm told is an impressive sight when they blossom in the spring, as well as when the branches are heavy with fruit, in time for Salem's Cherry Festival. 

View of the "Walk of the Flags" on the west lawn of the capitol.  (Flags from each state, bordered by a few Blue Spruce & the State Tree; Douglas Fir.)

View to the south - the oldest building on the campus of Willamette University, which was built In 1867.  The trees to the right are giant Redwoods, planted in 1942.

There are a couple trees on one side of the capitol building that caught my eye, but no one could tell me what they are. (You would think somebody there would know... I should have asked to speak to the groundskeeper!) If I had a bigger yard, I'd love to have one of these... what a great shade tree to put a picnic table under!

Up inside, the branches are all gnarly & grow in a thousand directions.

Here is a close-up of the leaves.  Does anyone know what it is?

After seeing this, I feel like my yard hasn't got even a hint of landscaping anywhere, but professional landscaping such as this is quite impressive & can at least get a person to dreaming!
If you stare at this picture long enough you should be able to see a giraffe.
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