Banana Belt Gardening Re: What do I do with Gardenia bush cuttings? Been doing some research. It seems as if Gardenia might do better with tip cuttings.  :(

I've never grown them myself.  I could only look at the wood and think of what would do best with what you had.

You *might* have to start ...
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Re: What do I do with Gardenia bush cuttings? Well, I actually haven't done much with them yet, other than to make a clean cut on the one branch that was split, & I made a 3rd cutting from a branch growing off to the side of one of them.  They've been gr...]]>;topic=389.0 Fri, 03 Jun 2011 04:47:40 GMT Re: What do I do with Gardenia bush cuttings? Patty,

The picture makes the cuttings look like they'd be hardwood cuttings to me. 
The one with the split needed to be recut at a node. & Yes, you want to use root toner.
Far as the cuts go, it depends on the type...
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Re: Inside veggies Ya, but I have learned that straw has a tendency to let the water run right through..
You might have to kinda amend it with something.  Not sure what.  Maybe 25% of soil or something.

:flower: Peg
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Re: Any Ground Hog Day Predications? I'm with Patty. I'm so sick of the rain.... my mental health is definitely affected by this lack of sunshine!
I read where all this cold spring is do to a La Nina. Poooh on that!! I want my flowers, and veggies, and...
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